Mission and Values

Our mission is to be one of the best within our business to match an inquiry from the client on a specific job with candidates with the right qualifications.

HH Consult A/S must appear as a competent and attractive company which through actions and attitudes can attract and maintain employees, customers and partners in a close and trustful co-operation.

We will always endeavour to treat our customers, consultants and partners the way we would like to be treated ourselves by our sub-suppliers and service organisations.

We are obliged to act in an honest and fair way, to provide quality services, which will contribute to creating value for our customers as well to maintaining and developing further our skills.

Whereever we operate, we will do our outmost to be considered a partner strictly observing health, safety and environmental requirements. Our organisation offers our staff equal options as to the further development of skills in a challenging and attractive working place.

HH Consult A/S request our personnel to work hard individually and as a team and at the same time ask everybody to contribute with innovative proposals to the benefit of customers, consultants and our internal organisation as well.

Our values are reflected in our conduct and attitude. Our mission is to satisfy customers, clients and partners.

We have basic values i.e. cooperation, reliability, responsibility, commitment and obligation.