Facts and Performance

At HH Consult A/S, we are specialists in matching jobs and candidates with technical compentences. For more than 37 years working in this business, HH Consult A/S has worked hard and focused on human relations and people management, which is the core of our business model - we select people.

We select the best-qualified person to fit for an assignment. We find the perfect resumé for the specific task rather than adjust resumé for the task. We help our consultants focus on our client's assignment in the right manner. Our experience tells us that this approach is the most effective for all parties involved.

We employ the majority of our consultants for the project period. This creates a much closer relationship between our consultants and us, and it allows the consultant to focus on the client and the job, while we take care of everything else, including:

- Complience with all formalities and legislations

- Safety certificates, renewals and training

- Contracts and renewals in due time prior to termination

- Insurances and taxes

- Travel expenses, diets, timekeeping and other administrational tasks

- Payments during sickness or maternity/paternity leave

In short, we create a safe 'home base' for our consultant as employee and relieve our clients from the administrative hassles. This gives the client full value for money.

Our consultants appreciate HH Consult's philosoply on close, long relationships. They stay with us. It gives the clients a number of advantages, such as a strong sense of continuity, a great deal of experience, and stabile processes provided by dedicated and effective consultants.

We make sure to have transparency and close relationship with both our employees and clients concerning contract conditions, rates and rate structure. Thereby we keep a strong focus on each assignment.

This close relationship has given HH Consult A/S great experience and knowledge about the various industries, which means that the consultants use HH Consult A/S as back-up and sparring in the various projects they are working at.

Our candidates are mainly of Danish and British nationality.

Facts about our consultants:

- Currently 50 consultants on projects national and international - both on- and offshore

- A "return rate" above 70 %

- Most of our consultants have a seniority from 10  to 25 years

And their skills:

- Engineering/Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Process, Piping/Structural)

- Project Management and Planning

- Technical Assistance and Supervision

- QA/QC Inspection

- Contract Surveillance and Document Control


As we have more than 2200 candidates in our electronic database, we are able to expand the number of consultants significantly upon request within our existing organisation. We continously update the electronic database and it contains all relevant data on the consultant, e.g. qualifications, experience.