Code of Conduct

HH Consult A/S bases its success on trust - trust that we will uphold the highest ethical standards when providing services to our clients. HH Consult A/S has developed this Code of Conduct designed to serve as a guide and reference for our behavior.

The fundamental principles of HH Consult A/S' Code of Conduct can be summed up as honesty, integrity, responsibility, dedication and a commitment to "doing the right thing".

We fulfill the Vision stated in HH Consult A/S Business Manual

We are working in a healthy and safe environment

We protect sensitive information

We are committed to environmental responsibility

We will pursue our business with integrity

We will act in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations

We respect human rights and the political, cultural and religious customs

We will not participate in or condone corrupt and fraudulent practices

We prohibits corruption and the payment of bribes of any kind, whether in dealing with officials or individuals in the private sector

We will only give or accept gifts for business purposes and only up to reasonable levels - and never during the process of competitive bid or tender exercise

We strongly discourage the use of facilitation payments

We will not seek personal gain through abouse of our positions in HH Consult A/S

We avoid political contributions

We avoid conflict of interest

We hold no secret or unrecorded funds of money or assets