Find new employees

Let us find the right consultants

At HH Consult A/S. we are specialists in matching jobs and candidates with technical competences.

We provide engineers, supervisors, project managers, and other highly qualified technical staff for companies in Denmark and in the rest of the world. This gives our customers opportunities to use flexible workforce in the situations where more employees are needed.

All the candidates are screened before they are introduced to the company. This saves time in the employment procedure and this assures that both the necessary qualifications and the interest in the job are present.

HH Consult A/S is always able to offer a range of consultants with the required expertise within the oil- and gas industry, the petrochemical industry, the hydropower-, wind power-, and power plant industry, pharmaceutical industry, and construction site management.

Naturally, compliance of safety- and environmental regulations has first priority no matter where in the world the work is carried out.

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